University of Illinois College of Medicine Research Forum 2021

The College of Medicine is pleased to announce that it will celebrate its Annual Research Forum by holding a Virtual Research Forum from November 22 to December 5. In order to keep everyone safe and to allow full participation by students and faculty at each of our four campuses, the event will be virtual.  Poster presentations will be pre-recorded and posted on the Research Forum website so that judges may score the posters and the College of Medicine community will have the opportunity to visit posters at any time during the judging period.

This scientific forum provides an opportunity for all of you to present your work and highlight your scientific accomplishments. This will enable others in the College of Medicine to learn about your scientific work.

Given that the scientific endeavor has become a team effort, we believe that this scientific forum will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss your project and exchange ideas with others and explore potential collaborations. Therefore, we very strongly urge all of you to actively participate in this important event.


Submission Dates: October 11, 2021 –  5 p.m. Monday, November 15, 2021

Poster Judging: November 22, 2021 – December 5, 2021


  • Medical Students
  • Graduate, MD-PhD, and Other Combined Degree Students
  • Postdoctoral Fellows and Residents
  • Research Assistant Professors and Scientific Staff


Gold and silver medals will be awarded in each of the four categories (medical students; graduate students; postdoctoral fellows and residents; and research assistant professors and scientific staff) along with honorable mentions.  One winner will be selected for the CCTS Multi-Disciplinary Award.

  • Gold Medal recipients receive $1250
  • Silver Medal recipients receive $1000

Judging Categories

Oral Presentation:  Did the presenter clearly and effectively communicate the background, methods, results and conclusions of the study?

Scientific Quality:  Is the experimental approach sound and scientifically valid?  Do the experiments appropriately test the hypothesis?  Are the data of good quality and are they interpreted correctly? Were appropriate controls done? Are the results significant? Are the conclusions adequately supported by the data?

Poster Quality: Are the data presented clearly?  Do the figures convey the essence of the results?  Are they legible? Is the poster laid out logically and is it easy to follow?

Response to Questions:  Did the participant answer questions thoroughly?


Q. Can I submit more than one poster?
A. Yes, you may submit more than one poster but each must have an accompanying abstract and video in order for the submission to be considered complete.

Q. Do case reports qualify for the Research Forum and will they be considered for prizes?
A. Yes, case reports qualify and will be considered for prizes. They must follow submission guidelines and include an abstract, poster and video.

Q. Are clinical faculty eligible to participate?
A. Yes, clinical and research assistant professors are eligible.

Q. My research was conducted at an outside institution. Am I able to present this research at the forum?
A. Yes, you may present this research if a UI COM faculty member was also involved.

Q. Can undergraduate research assistants submit a poster?
A. An undergraduate is not eligible to submit. However, they can be included as part of the team if the lead is part of UI COM.

Q. Is it acceptable to use a picture of someone’s face?
A. The subject should not be identifiable. Focus on the lesion and do not show someone’s face.