VA-Funded Research

VA Research is the only research program focused entirely on Veterans’ needs.

VA Research is intramural, meaning only VA employees can conduct research funded by VA. In many instances, VA researchers collaborate with academic institutions.  Affiliated faculty can apply for VA funding however if a project is funded, they would need to accept a 25 hour per week (5/8) VA appointment to receive the funding.  This is an exceptional benefit to the academic community, because it provides access to an additional potential funding source; and to the VA, because it supports the direct needs of patients to develop discoveries and innovations directly in-step with keeping the Veteran at the center of health care from the very beginning.

More than 60 per cent of VA researchers are also clinicians who provide direct patient care, which is important because it allows VA Research to quickly move scientific discovery from the research setting to advancements in health care and to recruit the best and brightest healthcare professionals.

The Jesse Brown VA Medical Center maintains a strong, cooperative affiliation with the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine and encourages collaboration on research that benefits Veterans.

VA research must be conducted, principally, in a VA facility or VA-leased space. The PI (and Co-PI) must have designated research space within a VA facility or VA-leased space.

The Research Service Administrative Office supports the research team, facilities, and committees that oversee research activities and manages post-award activities for VA-funded grants.

VA Funding Opportunities

The VA’s Office of Research & Development in Washington, D.C offers funding opportunities through the following mechanisms:

Basic and Clinical Science:  BLRD/CSRD Resources for the VA Research Community

Health Services R&D:

Rehabilitation R&D:

Access to these RFA opportunities is only available through the VA intranet using a VA computer.  RFAs are posted for Spring and Fall BLRD/CSRD submissions and Summer/Winter RRD/HSRD submissions.  Additional RFAs are added for special solicitations.  Contact Karen Lenehan for the list of currently available RFAs.

VA Research Funding Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply for BLRD funding, non-clinician UIC COM faculty must apply for Non-Clinician Eligibility.  Application information and template can be found at GUIDANCE FOR REQUESTING ACCEPTANCE INTO THE BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY R&D (BLRD) PROGRAM FOR NONCLINICIAN SCIENTISTS ( and

To accept VA funding, UIC COM faculty must agree to accept a VA paid appointment of at least 25 hours per week (5/8th).

Health Services R&D and Rehabilitation R&D do not require a pre-eligibility application however if funding is awarded the investigator would need to accept a 25 hour per week (5/8th) VA appointment.

For more information on VA funding please contact the Research Service Office:

[email protected]

Phone: 312-569-6343

Room 6215, Taylor Pavilion