Reporting Medical Student Mistreatment

If you have experienced or witnessed mistreatment of any kind, or think you may have experienced it, you are strongly encouraged to report it immediately. Consistent with the UI COM Positive Learning Environment Policy, reports of medical student mistreatment and other learning environment concerns will be taken seriously. Detailed information about the various methods for reporting, and the process that follows, is available in at this link and in these two Report Flowcharts.  One such method for reporting–either mistreatment or a COVID-19 safety concern–is the online report form using the buttons below:

Report Student Mistreatment
Report COVID-19 Safety Concern

This online report form may be used by anyone to report an incident of medical student mistreatment you have experienced or observed. Reports submitted through this form will be reviewed by the UI COM Director of Medical Student Learning Environment (DMSLE)** within 2 business days to determine next steps. Because of this reply timeline, you should not use this form to report events presenting an immediate threat to the health or safety of any person, including yourself. If there is an immediate risk to health or safety of any person, please call 911 to connect with medical support or local law enforcement.


(1) If you are unsure or hesitant about reporting, the MSLE Director is available for a pre-reporting consulting by phone (312-413-9632) or email ([email protected]).

(2) If a student wishes to consult anonymously with the MSLE Director, they can mask their identity by either (a) creating an anonymous email account with which to write, or (b) calling and stating upfront the desire to remain anonymous.

Discrimination/Harassment/Sexual Misconduct

Any reports of student mistreatment/learning environment concerns that include claims of sex or gender-based discrimination, harassment, assault and/or Sexual Misconduct, should also be reported to the UIC Title IX Coordinator.

Incidents/concerns containing claims of unlawful discrimination and/or harassment should be reported to the UIC Office for Access and Equity AND to UI COM as described herein.

If you are unsure whether or not an incident involves sexual misconduct or unlawful discrimination/harassment, please report to both the UI COM and to the appropriate office as described above.

**Though all efforts will be made to respect the privacy of any person making a report, the DMSLE may, in limited circumstances, be required by law or policy to share the report or information from the report with others. There are, however, confidential resources available on campus, including the UIC Counseling Center and the Campus Advocacy Network. If you have any questions about the reporting process or the privacy of the reports, contact the MSLE Director, Tim Lacy, at [email protected] or 312-413-9632 for more information.