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The Strategic Planning Phase

Stakeholder engagement was a critical driver in successfully developing the strategic plan. The process was overseen by a steering committee, an operations committee, and seven work groups. The larger college-wide community was also an important stakeholder group that contributed to the strategic plan. Community forums were held twice (May and September 2019) to bring together stakeholders from all campuses to reflect on the results of the strategic planning process and provide valuable feedback that directed the work groups and committees in their work to develop the final plan.

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Engaging the community was an important element of the strategic planning process. Over 100 stakeholders were interviewed to provide input to the current and future state of UI COM. Furthermore, during the first community forum in May 2019, stakeholders across the Chicago, Peoria, Urbana, and Rockford campuses were presented with the initial findings of the SWOT, the peer analysis, and work groups outputs. The aim of this first forum was to have the community provide feedback to the work groups and challenge the results by offering specific questions for the work groups to tackle. Over 400 individuals participated in this community forum that spanned two weeks and included six town hall meetings and 19 breakout sessions. In September 2019, the each of the regional campuses again invited all students and employees to come together to review and vet the preliminary strategies.

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