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The Strategic Planning Process

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The first component of the strategic planning process was to establish a common fact base through interviews with UI COM stakeholders and analysis of those interviews. A key deliverable from this phase was a UI COM SWOT analysis.

The second component, which was the focus of the Planning Phase, was the development of strategic priorities. Key goals and strategies for the strategic plan were developed here.

The third component, which is the initial focus of the Implementation Phase, is operationalization, which includes refining tactics; identifying timelines, milestones, and metrics; and putting the strategic plan into action.

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SWOT is an acronym that identifies the four elements of the analysis. SWOT stands for “strengths,” “weaknesses,” “opportunities,” and “threats.” Strengths refer to the COM’s advantages over its competitors, while the weaknesses take into account areas where the COM has a disadvantage with its competitors. Opportunities are areas that are untapped or not yet developed. Threats look at the environment around the COM and consider what could negatively impact the COM.