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Cost of Attendance (COA)

The College of Medicine Office of Student Financial Aid (COM OSFA) lists anticipated expenses on your Financial Aid Federal Loan Offer Letter when you complete a FAFSA application. These expenses, referred to as your Cost of Attendance (COA) or budget, reflect costs you may encounter during the 12-month academic year. These costs may include:

Direct Costs Charged by the University

  • Tuition
  • Fees and Assessment
  • Disability Insurance

Visit the UIC Registrar’s Office website for tuition, fees, assessment, and disability insurance rates for the fall/spring/summer semesters.

Estimated Variable Expenses

  • Books and Supplies
  • Room and Board
  • Transportation
  • Miscellaneous Personal Expenses
  • Step 1 exam cost (second-year aid notification). Click here for current exam costs.
  • Step 2 exam cost (third-year aid notification). Click here for current exam costs.

The total COA is not the amount you owe the university for the year. Some items in your COA are estimated indirect variable costs not owed to the university. Please note that an average federal loan fee will be added to your COA for those that borrow a Federal Direct Loan and a Federal Grad Plus Loan. The amount of the loan fee(s) added will depend on the type of loan borrowed.

2024-2025 COA for First-Year Students for Fall/Spring/Summer Terms Heading link

COA ComponentsChicagoPeoria & Rockford
Tuition-Resident $47,736$47,736
Mandatory Fees$6,030$6,030
Housing & Food Off-Campus*$24,000$20,400
Housing & Food On-Campus*$24,000N/A
Books and Supplies$2,100 $2,100
Personal Expenses$4,800 $4,800
Transportation$2,150 $2,150
Graduate PLUS Loan Fees$1,200 $1,200
Stafford Loan Fees$400$400
Resident Off-Campus Total:$88,416$84,816
Resident On-Campus Total:$88,416N/A
Non-Resident Off-Campus Total:$122,316$118,716
Non-Resident On-Campus Total:$122,316N/A

*Housing & Food Monthly Breakdown:

  • Chicago Off-Campus: $2,000/Month ($1,500-Housing, $500-Food)
  • Chicago On-Campus: $2,000/Month ($1,500-Housing, $500-Food)
  • Peoria & Rockford: $1,700/Month ($1,200-Housing, $500-Food)

Financial Aid Notification:

Initial Financial Aid Notifications for prospective/new students will be sent in March prior to the start of your M1 year via the student portal. This will include aid for the Fall and Spring Semesters. Summer aid will be added to the Financial Aid Notification in spring of each academic year.

Projected Overall COA for First Year Students Heading link

**International students should visit the UICOIS – UIC Office of International Services webpage for additional information and resources. Please note that the UICOM Financial Aid office offers no federal loans to international students.