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Scholarship Information

Admission Merit Scholarships Heading link

Students admitted into the MD program at the University of Illinois College of Medicine are automatically considered for merit scholarships; no separate application is required. The Office of Admissions will notify students directly if they are selected as a scholarship recipient. Admissions scholarships are funded by the generosity of alumni and other donors who strongly support medical education. Admissions scholarships are limited to tuition and mandatory fee expenses.

Students must enroll in 6 or more credit hours each term to receive the merit scholarship.

Mailing Scholarship Checks Heading link

Scholarship checks should be made payable to “University of Illinois” and include your UIN on the memo line. If the check is made payable to you and the University, you must endorse the back of the check before submitting it to our office.

Checks can be dropped off or mailed to our office. USPS is our preferred mailing carrier.

Office of Student Financial Aid
University of Illinois College of Medicine
808 S Wood St, 163 CMET, (MC 782)
Chicago, IL 60612

Applying Scholarships to Your Student Account Heading link

If a student receives any type of funding (scholarships, awards, waivers, etc.), they must notify our office as soon as possible. The Financial Aid Notification will be updated, and loan amounts may be adjusted to remain within the Cost of Attendance (COA) budget constraints. Students cannot receive more than one full-tuition award for any term.

If a student has accepted 100% of their loans, OSFA will be required to replace an equal portion of their loans with the amount of their scholarship to remain within the COA budget.

  • Example: A student’s COA is $50,000. The student accepted $50,000 in  loans at the beginning of the term, then receives a $5,000 external scholarship. OSFA will reduce the student’s loan amount to $45,000 and replace the remaining $5,000 with the scholarship on the student’s Financial Aid Notification and student billing account.

If a student has declined a portion of their loans equal to or greater than the amount of the scholarship, their loans will not be affected.

  • Example: A student’s COA is $50,000. The student accepted $30,000 in  loans at the beginning of the term, then receives a $5,000 external scholarship. OSFA will not reduce the student’s loan amount.

If an award is credited to your account before we can adjust your financial aid package, you will be expected to return any amount of financial aid you are not eligible to receive, even if you have already received a refund.

  • Example: A student’s COA is $50,000. The student accepted $50,000 in  loans at the beginning of the term, then receives a $5,000 external scholarship. The scholarship credits the student’s account prior to OSFA adjusting the student’s loans and results in a $5,000 refund. Once OSFA adjusts the Financial Aid Notification and loans, the student will be required to return the $5,000 refund via a payment on their UIC portal.

External Scholarships Heading link

UI COM encourages all students to seek support from outside funding sources. Students should visit the scholarship sponsor’s website for the most current information regarding deadlines and application requirements. Take a moment to explore External Scholarship Opportunities.

UIC Scholarship and Award Program (SnAP) Heading link

SnAP is UIC’s internal scholarship information system. Students must submit a new General Application each academic year at the beginning of the Fall term. The UIC SnAP portal will show a list of scholarships for which you are eligible, based on several criteria, including major, financial aid status, etc. New opportunities will be added to UIC SnAP throughout the academic year.

Tribal Nation Tuition Award Heading link

UI COM offers in-state tuition to students who are members of one or more of the Tribal Nations recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Applicants are evaluated for the award during the admissions process. The award is administered through the UI COM Office of Medical College Admissions; please contact their office at with questions or concerns.

UIC Writing Center Heading link

If you are seeking assistance with writing scholarship application essays, the Writing Center is a friendly space that provides UIC students with free 1:1 peer feedback and support for writing. The Writing Center works with students at any stage of writing: you can come with no writing and talk to a tutor about getting started (or moving past a writer’s block), or you can come with a draft and discuss possibilities for next steps. In the most productive sessions, both you and the tutor participate. Tutors offer options, share their own writing experience, and help you use resources about writing.