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About TOP-ED Program

Program Vision, Goals, Scope and Objectives

Program Vision Heading link

UI COM’s campuses have operated their undergraduate medical education information technology management structures and related business processes relatively independently and organically for many years.

As we move toward the future, and in support of the College’s strategic plan, the campuses will need to operate in a more coordinated and aligned fashion with one another and with the University and UI system.

The scope of this alignment will include the domains of technology and business process as well as the supporting organizational structure and workforce alignment.

Program Goals Heading link

The TOP-ED Program will create an improved operational environment, enable meaningful impact to the experience of students, faculty, and staff, and support UI COM’s education goals and objectives.

  • Consistently ensure a premier student experience across all campuses (UI COM Strategic Goal Areas: 1,2,3,4)
  • Improve the ability to leverage data for meaningful insights and continuous improvement at every level and throughout the enterprise. (UI COM Strategic Goal Areas: 1,2,3,4)
  • Ensure our efficiency, nimbleness and the continuing ability to meet evolving LCME and federal regulatory guidance. (UI COM Strategic Goal Areas: 2,3,4)

UI COM Strategic Goal Areas:

  1. Valuing Our People
  2. Programmatic Success
  3. Sustainability
  4. Operational Effectiveness

Scope Heading link

Areas In-Scope

  • UICOM Functional Areas of IT System Focus
    • Advising
    • Content Management & Curriculum Mapping
    • Course Scheduling
    • Evaluation of Teaching
    • Student Assessment
    • Student Lifecycle
  • Domain: Education
  • Level: Professional Medical Students

Areas Out-of-Scope

  • Domain: Research, Clinical
  • Level: Graduate / Residency
  • Other Initiatives: Matrix leadership model development

Supporting Stakeholders

University/UI System Areas

  • UIC Registrar’s Office
  • AITS
  • Technology Solutions

Objectives Heading link

  • To streamline operations by integrating systems that starts with the enterprise platforms
  • To improve the technology student lifecycle and student success by creating visibility into curriculum progress
  • To integrate and standardize technology and create consistent process, policies, and procedures based on selected technology
  • To enable the ability to access and leverage data for strategic decision making to enhance the undergraduate medical education
  • To centralize decision making for technology and support including centralized vendor management by operationalizing IT application governance
  • To foster better communication, collaboration, and transparency around IT systems and capabilities