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Guiding Principles

To support decision making in the TOP-ED program, we will leverage the following guiding principles:

Student Focus

We will design processes and adopt technology with an eye towards improvement of the student experience as a main goal.

Scalability and Growth

We will design standardized, scalable College-wide processes and operations, allowing customization only when absolutely required to achieve UI COM’s strategic goals and regulatory requirements.

Enterprise Approach

We will prioritize the use of our core set of the selected enterprise systems, enabling a more streamlined technology landscape and a single “source of truth” for information.

Meaningful Work

We will design support structures so that those providing student and faculty services add institutional value and have opportunities for professional growth, while those receiving services are able to focus their time delivering on the UI COM mission.

Managed and Secure Data

We will provide access to information that supports timely, data-informed decision-making for those who need it while maintaining adequate security and minimizing institutional risk.

Courage and Commitment

We will be transparent and bold when making decisions and commit to making data-driven decisions in collaboration with our fellow leaders.

Clear Engagement

We will focus on preparing our UI COM community to understand and embrace change by communicating clearly, completely, and meaningfully with our stakeholders.