For your convenience, certain forms are available for you to download and print on your own. Please make sure that you need to complete a form before filling it out and submitting it to the COM OSFA, and make sure to select the appropriate academic year from the links on the right. Print legibly on all forms to ensure that documents can be read and processed.

FERPA Release Form

Primary Care Loan Application and Guidelines (M4’s Only)

Private Loan Self-Certification Form

Request for Budget Adjustment

Residency Interview Travel Cost Budget Adjustment (M4’s Only)

Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students (SDS) Application and Guidelines
Note* The cycle for the Scholarship for Disadvantaged Student Grant (SDS) is every 4 years. Our application for the SDS Grant between 2016-2020 was denied by Health Resources and Services Administration HRSA. This means we will not have any SDS Grant funding for the period 2016-2020. We plan to apply again in 2020.
We will be searching for other funding to help support our disadvantaged student population, but there is no guarantee of other funds at this time.

To send documentation to our office

Upload via UIC Portal upload under Financial Aid Requirements

  1. Log in to the UIC Portal at
  2. Click on the top Student Tab
  3. Click on Financial Aid Status Menu Icon
  4. Click on Student Requirements
  5. Select Aid Year
  6. Click only on == >UPLOAD