Peer Educators

Peer Educators are student leaders who assist students with content mastery through large group sessions, small group sessions, and individual tutoring.  The Peer Education Program is open to all COM students, and is a collaborative resource implemented by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and the College of Medicine Urban Health Program (COM UHP).  Peer Educators model learning strategies to empower students in their studies and mastery of the material.  Students are encouraged to talk with an OSA or COM UHP staff member if they are interested in connecting with Peer Education at their campus.

Students can access group review sessions and office hours/drop-in times Here

Peer educators are trained by academic support staff and members of the COM community on the following evidence-based methods:

• Learning theory
• Academic strategies
• Communication skills
• Student well-being
• Learning preferences

Objectives for Peer Education:  Peer Educators provide assistance with

• Block Content Review
• Step 1
• Support with Phase 1 & Phase 2
Individual tutoring by referral

Your Peer Educator Will: The Student is Expected To:
Provide content support for students with SMART Goals approach. Complete SMART Goals. Engage in self-reflection about the learning process
Models evidence-based academic study and test taking strategies. Ask questions, and notify the peer educator if uncertain. Be a partner in the learning process.
Maintain contact with faculty and staff to stay current on curricular update. Respond promptly for appointment scheduling.
Facilitate the learning process for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the curriculum.. Provide feedback about their experience with Peer Education
Lead group review and individual tutoring sessions. Come prepared for the tutoring session (SMART Goals, pre-work, formulating questions)