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Academic Support

Academic Support

The College of Medicine provides strategic, holistic academic advising for all students.  Through collaborative partnerships with academic success team members, students will receive guidance and strategies as they navigate the curriculum and prepare for NBME board examinations.

Our Philosophy:  We believe that a college-wide intertwined, holistic advising system is key for student success.  Academic support at UI COM involves key partnerships among the student, staff, and faculty.  This is a collaborative process available to all students that involves connecting students with advising, peer support, counseling, and other campus resources.

Academic Support at UI COM Heading link

Connect with Academic Support: Staff who are in Academic Advising roles are the primary point of contact for connecting students with academic support staff and resources.  Students can also connect with support staff and resources through the College of Medicine Urban Health Program (COM UHP) and the Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE).

Academic Learning Specialists: We have experts in medical student learning on every campus.  Our Academic Learning Specialists help students analyze performance using a strengths-based approach for learning in medical school.  They assist students with academic skills, time management, test taking strategies, and study planning.

Peer Education Program: Students have the opportunity to connect with peer student leaders who serve in the role of peer education.  Peer Educators offer group tutoring, and in some cases, individualized support.

Academic Support Resources: UI COM is committed to student success and provides resources such as Q Banks, exam vouchers, and study guides.

Geoff T

Geoff Thames, PhD
Executive Director for Student Academic Support and Achievement

Dr. Geoff Thames is the Executive Director for Student Academic Support and Achievement at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.  In this position, Geoff coordinates college-wide academic support for UI COM students.  Geoff has experience with instructional design, program assessment, learning theory, peer-to-peer academic support, and coaching.  Student success drives everything that he does as an educator, and he believes in empowering students through a strengths-based approach to learning.

Contact Information

Phone:  312-355-5939

Due to the administrative structure of each campus, there are some variances in staff members who meet the needs of academic support.

For campus specific assistance, please visit our campus sites: Heading link