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Year 3 Core Clerkship Grade and Score Information

There are two components required to calculate a final grade for each Core Clerkship.

  1. Clinical Grade
  2. National Board of Medical Examiners Subject Examination

Upon completion of each core clerkship, a final clinical grade is assigned by the Hospital Site Director, which is submitted to the Clerkship Program Director for review and final approval. Once approved, which could take up to four weeks, final clinical grades are forwarded to the COM Office of the Registrar for final grade processing.

Once a subject exam is taken, it takes between 3-5 days for the COM Office of the Registrar to receive the scores. An email notification is sent out to the class email listserv, following posting to the College Database.

Final Grades cannot be calculated until both components, a passing clinical grade and passing shelf exam score, are received by the COM Office of the Registrar. Below are the approved College Committee on Instruction and Appraisal Core Clerkship Grade Scale reports. A final grade letter along with a copy of clinical evaluation is sent via USPS to each student. Final grades are also available from the College of Medicine On-line Score and Grade Summary Application via the web.

Core Clerkship Subject Examination Score Recheck Process Heading link

Students requesting a subject examination score recheck must complete the following and submit them to Maggie Mac,, in the Office of Assessment and Evaluation. Requests must be submitted within six months of the exam date.

  • Submit the NBME Subject Examination Score Recheck Request form.
  • Submit the $25.00 fee, in the form of a money order made payable to the University of Illinois at Chicago. (The NBME will not accept payment directly from an examinee. Only a request initiated and paid for by the institution will be excepted)