Clinician Executive Medicine Program (CEMED)


The CEMED course is a four-year longitudinal curriculum providing insights into the clinician executive skills and knowledge essential to addressing the complex leadership challenges resulting from healthcare organizational and health policy changes that impact the way clinicians provide care. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration among clinician leaders and non-clinician administrative leaders in healthcare delivery organizations today and in the future.

Students are selected through a competitive application process (considering supplemental essays and scoring of non-cognitive qualifications prior to matriculation). Admission to UI College of Medicine and acceptance of offer to join CEMED program are required. There are no courses, clerkships, or required readings prior to participation. Participating students must be in good standing with the college and not in need of remediation in order to continue in this longitudinal elective program. It is recognized that successful progression through the core medical curriculum is a priority; therefore, if conflicts arise between the elective CEMED program components and the core curriculum, student’s first priority is the core curriculum. Conflicts must be excused by the course director with alternative arrangements made for missed work.


The CEMED program seeks to begin development of future clinician executives in health care who will be capable of integrating the insights and skills of the experienced clinician with the perspectives and skills of health system administrators. The unique characteristics of the health care enterprise and the intimate services provided to each patient demand the integration of these clinician and executive special insights that have no parallel in any other industry. This is a particular challenge because the professional development of clinicians does not generally provide understanding of the management and population-based perspectives necessary for administration of a healthcare organization.