Registration Information

College of Medicine (COM) students are registered by their Regional COM Registrar.  In order for your registration to be processed, your immunizations must be up to date, there must be no registration holds on your UIC account, and you must be scheduled for classes.  Leave-of-Absence, withdrawn, or dismissed students are not eligible for registration.  Since the COM and UIC calendars do not typically coincide; this website will assist you in registering in a timely and accurate manner.

Office of Records and Registration Web Site

  • College of Medicine (COM) students are registered by their Regional COM Registrar.
  • The COM requires that you are registered for ALL basic science courses and clinical rotations before they begin. Failure to do so will result in an COM Advising Hold being placed on your student record.
  • The campus requires that registration be completed by the 5th day of the Summer semester and the 10th day of the Fall and Spring semester to avoid a $50 late registration fee. COM students are strongly encouraged to be registered for all classes and rotation before classes and rotations begin.
  • After the registration deadline has passed, a $50 late registration fee will be applied if your registration occurs after the deadline due to non compliance and will be assessed when tuition and fees are assessed.
  • If you have a Hold on your record, you will not be able to register until it is cleared. You must check the UIC Portal regarding any Holds that may be placed on your record.
  • Check your registration eligibility at least three times per semester, as a hold can be added at any time. If you do not address whatever issue precipitated the hold, you will not be permitted to attend classes or clerkships, nor will you be allowed to sit for examinations.
  • Registration is the vehicle by which the UIC academic transcript is created. If you do cannot register because of a hold, there will be no place to post your grades, and thus, no transcript of your experience here.
  • Students must inform both the their Regional COM Registrar and the University Office of Records and Registration of any name and/or address changes. Failure to do so as promptly as possible could mean that you will miss important or timely information.
  • Full time for medical students is defined as registration in 12 or more hours in Fall and Spring Semesters (6 hours in Summer).
  • You must be registered as a full time student to be eligible for the Ventra UPASS.
  • You must be registered for at least 6 credit hours each term in order to qualify for federal student loans. Your M3 and M4 courses are registered in the term in which the date the class or rotation begins. This means if you register for a class the last week of fall that goes for a month, these credits will be counted toward the fall term, not spring.
  • Term dates are determined by the college and differ from the university calendar. This impacts UPASS activation and financial aid disbursement dates. It is important to read the registration emails that are sent out each term to know how this will affect you each semester. College of Medicine term dates can be found here.
  • Tuition is assessed by credit hour range. The ranges determine how much you pay tuition. The ranges are as follows:

Fall and Spring Terms

Summer Term

Range I

12 or more hours

6 or more hours

Range II

6 to 11 hours

3 to 5 hours

Range III

1 to 5 hours

1 to 2 hours

Range IV

Zero hours

Zero hours

  • The cost of tuition can change from year to year, so please be sure to go directly to the General Information Tuition and Feeswebsite and refer to the appropriate semester’s Timetable.