Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Honor Society

Due to changes in our curriculum, the criteria for AOA selection depends on the academic year of consideration.

For Fall 2018 AOA selection (i.e., 2019 graduates):

Since this involves the last M2 class of the Classic curriculum, pass/fail grading was still in place throughout the M1 and M2 years.  Junior AOA selection has already been made (in 2017) for the class of 2019. There will be no selection for Junior AOA for the class of 2020 this year and from this point forward.

Since M3 class will have had tiered grading in M1/M2; Senior AOA will be determined by the existing criteria.

For Fall 2019 AOA selection (i.e., 2020 graduates):

The M3 class, from the Classic curriculum, will undergo AOA selection by the existing criteria.

For Fall 2020 AOA selection (i.e., 2021 graduates):

Since this M3 class will be the first to complete the new Illinois Medicine Curriculum, the selection process for this class, and in each year going forward, will be conducted according to the new criteria. Urbana students who are in the Classic curriculum will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

For more information on our award and honor recipients for the current year, please visit the respective websites:

Chicago’s Student Affairs Office website

Peoria AOA Recipients

Gold Humanism Honor Society

The mission of the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) is to recognize individuals who practice humanistic patient care and who can serve as role models, mentors, and leaders in medicine. The power of the Society lies in bringing together like-minded individuals to sustain their own humanism and to inspire and nurture humanism in others. Membership in GHHS goes beyond selection and induction into an honor society; its members have demonstrated compassion, empathy and humanism in their prior work and have a responsibility to model, support, and advocate for compassionate, patient-centered care throughout their careers.

The University of Illinois College of Medicine (UI COM) has formed four local chapters of this national honor society to recognize outstanding humanistic activity among the students at our four different campuses. The Gold Humanism Honor Society is sponsored by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation whose mission is fostering humanism in medicine. The Gold Foundation defines humanism as “encompassing those attitudes and behaviors that emanate from a deep sensitivity and respect for others, including full acceptance of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Further, humanism is exemplified through compassionate, empathetic treatment of all persons, while recognizing each one’s needs and autonomy.”

The Gold Foundation is a public, not-for-profit organization established in 1988 by Drs. Arnold and Sandra Gold, colleagues at the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York City, and dedicated community leaders and philanthropists. Through funds raised by The Foundation for programs, significant advances have been made in the development, implementation, evaluation and replication of innovative medical educational programs and projects to influence the way physicians are trained. National programs include sponsorship of the White Coat Ceremony for incoming medical students, Student Clinician’s Ceremony for rising third year medical students, fellowships, essay contests, lectures, Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Awards, national symposia, training videos, and an on-line Humanism Resource Center. More information on the Foundation:

For more information on the local chapters at our different campuses and the award recipients for the current year, please visit the respective websites:

Chicago: Office of Student Affairs website – this year’s Gold Humanism Honor Society Members and Membership History

Peoria: Gold Humanism

Other Awards:

Student News (4/28/15)

Two UI COM M1 students, Oladapo Adeniran and Mario Martinez, have been awarded The American Society for Clinical Oncology/Conquer Cancer Foundation Medical Student Rotation Award for Underrepresented Populations Award. This provides clinical or clinical research oncology rotations for U.S. medical students and pairs students with oncologists for academic and career mentorship.