The University Medical Student Council (UMSC) for the University of Illinois College of Medicine represents and promotes the collective interests of the general student body at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. UMSC engages all medical students, as colleagues, to form a College of Medicine that improves, evolves, and thrives. The mission and vision of UMSC shall be achieved by fostering UMSC’s values and fulfilling UMSC’s constitutional duties.


  1. Representation of and advocacy for the student voice
  2. Unification of student body
  3. Cross-campus communication and cooperation
  4. Assessment and improvement of the College of Medicine
  5. Social exchange of ideas
  6. Accountability and transparency
  7. Equity and balance across campuses
  8. Empowerment of medical student leaders
  9. Initiative and service


UMSC Constitution (rev. 3/2021)

Meet the 2022-2023 Executive Board