Compliance – College of Medicine

With the advent of increase government regulations, the College of Medicine must ensure that we are compliant with applicable federal,state and other regulatory requirements. The College of Medicine (COM) Compliance Program  provides a framework for adherence to all pertinent regulations, and a mechanism for preventing and/or reporting a breech in Compliance.

 Key Elements of the COM Compliance Program include:

  • Implementing written policies/procedures and guidelines;
  • Designating a compliance officer/contact;
  • Conducting comprehensive training and education;
  • Developing accessible lines of communication;
  • Conducting internal monitoring and auditing;
  • Enforcing standards through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines; and
  • Responding promptly to detected offenses and undertaking corrective Action

COM compliance personnel audit, monitor and conduct investigations into Compliance issues as necessary. Yearly concurrent and retrospective provider documentation audits are conducted by the compliance auditors and OCC coders per set schedules determined on an annual basis. In addition, individual and group training on compliance issues is available by contacting the Director of Compliance or any of the compliance/coding auditors listed under College of Medicine Resources.

Each department has designated a Departmental Compliance Liaison (DCL) to handle implementation and oversight of compliance with the guidance and oversight from the COM Director of Compliance. (See Resources).